AstroMedia offers a plentiful choice of interesting and affordable, mainly cardboard based construction kits for scientific instruments with focus on astronomy. After assembling the refractor telescope for 30 Euro, my second project was the hand sprectroscope for 8 Euro.

The Fraunhofer lines (dark absorption lines in the sunlight spectrum) are difficult to see and even more difficult to photograph, but the following lines are observable with some exercise:

Line Cause Color wavelength (nm) display (nm)
G Fe blue 430.8 430
F H (β) blue 486.1 483
b Mg (triplet) green 517-518 517
E Fe green 527 526
D Na yellow 589-590 584
a O2 (terrene) red 628-629 619
C H (α) red 656.3 642
B O2 (terrene) red 686.7 660

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